7 Chakras Slots

No doubt you've heard of chakras, but do you know much about them? There are seven related to different parts of the body, so it's no wonder we now have a slot game called 7 Chakras that focuses on these. We cannot think of a single slot on the same topic, so does this game manage to stand out for other reasons as well? It's time we checked it out.

Who has come up with this innovative slot game idea?

Saucify is the brand behind this one.

You can always try this before committing any real coins to play it

Saucify has come up with a demo version that includes practice coins, so you can use those to take a few spins of the reels to see what you make of it all.

The title reveals the theme of this slot

This is the case with many - but not all - slot games, so you can imagine that this one is based on the seven chakras of the title.

Does the slot boast a solid and appealing design?

We believe so, yes, although we have certainly seen slots with a far more complex design than this one. The simplicity suits this one though, perhaps because of the theme or because of the colors and approach taken on this occasion.

How to play the 7 Chakras slot game

Look for five game reels to load at the start. You can easily find the wild when it appears because it is shown as a woman overlaid with the seven chakras. This features seven colors to represent them and it also occupies two spots on a reel - or it can do if it lands that way. Look out for the cross as this is the scatter - the only thing the wild cannot stand in for. We looked for a progressive jackpot prize but we came up empty on that one.

An unusual number of lines to bet on in this game

How many games have you played that offer 49 paylines? This game does, and it's nice to see so many.

You can play this as a penny slot game

It does still mean the minimum bet is 49 cents though, so you can see that you need to consider your budget if you are thinking of having a few spins of this set of reels. You can go up to a quarter per coin, with a maximum of five coins on each of the paylines too if you wish.

The info logo leads you to the paytable

You'll find this at the top of the screen, over to the right, rather than underneath it. One tap or click and you'll be able to view it, depending on whether you're on a computer or mobile device.

Bonus features do not appear in 7 Chakras

That's that part of our review complete.

Free spins are possible to find though

Three or more scatters will take you through to the Free Spins Ascension round. You'll see the seven chakras, with a choice to make for each one. Pick a gem relating to each chakra to see what it provides you with. You'll either get some free spins or a multiplier. You begin with one, two, or three free games depending on whether you got three, four, or five triggering symbols. The base multiplier is 1x, so any that you find are added to that.

RTP information for the 7 Chakras slot game

We always like to see 96% if possible, and this one sneaks in just underneath that at 95.88%.

What did we think when we tried the 7 Chakras slot game?

We think the free spin round is going to be the best bit here, although we didn't manage to reach it in our stint on the game. The unusual theme and different elements in the slot itself make this a 9/10 title for us.

Check the paytable to find out more about the prospective prizes

You won't find details of a progressive jackpot anywhere, but the paytable still reveals plenty of possibilities for smaller wins.

The demo for 7 Chakras is the best way to experience it

You can see what you make of it and find out whether you would like to switch to the real play game at some stage.

The real game is available from 49 cents a go

This isn't going to be affordable for all players, but if you regularly play slots at about that level, this one might be worth checking out further.

Mobile access for this slot

Check at the casino to see whether this one appears on the mobile site. You should find you can try it in there too, along with touchscreen controls.