Primal Wilderness Slots

Wait, look - there's a bear behind that tree… is this a safe forest to be in, do you think? If it was a real forest, we'd say no, but since we are in the Primal Wilderness slot game rather than the actual wilderness, you're safe enough. Before you go, though, take care to read our guide to this slot today. We'll give you all the tools you should know before you embark on a journey across the reels.

Who created this Primal Wilderness?

This is another fine game to come from the team at Betsoft.

You can experience its features if you select the demo

There is no need to bet on this one with real coins until you're ready. The demo game is loaded with over 1,000 coins when you try it, so those can guide you through the game to learn more before considering the real thing.

This slot reveals its theme early

Even when you read the title, you can guess where you're going - and the design doesn't let you down on this score, as you're about to see.

Set in a wilderness

The background is important in helping to set the scene here, with trees, plants, and sunlight coming through those trees and leaves. Just check out the size of those claw marks on the trees though. The reels contain the usual set of letters and numbers, all made from twigs and branches lashed together with vines. Aside from those, you've got a collection of creatures and even some mushrooms in the game.

How to play the Primal Wilderness slot

The game offers five reels with four symbols per reel, and there are no progressive prizes anywhere in sight. There is a scatter in play that looks like a rock with more of those claw marks on it and fireflies flitting around it. This is labeled as a BONUS symbol, which sounds promising. There's a wild involved too, and this also uses the word itself against a backdrop of honey and honeycomb. This doesn't replace the bonus symbol but everything else is good.

Paylines do not appear in the wilderness

Instead, we have 1,024 ways to win, which means you simply need to get matching icons on consecutive reels from the left side of the game.

One bet per spin

Primal Wilderness uses the traditional betting pattern when offering ways to win rather than paylines. One bet is played on each spin, and the smallest you can go with is 40 cents, so make sure you're happy with this and your available budget first. There are other higher bets to think about too, going to a maximum of $24.

The paytable changes its prize amounts to reflect your bet

Make sure you start with your bet, then, otherwise the paytable may seem misleading. Once you've chosen the bet, you will see the potential prizes you might get when placing that bet.

Are there any bonuses to find in the Primal Wilderness slot?

No, there is nothing in this category, despite the game offering a scatter symbol labeled with the word bonus.

The bonus icon may lead to some free spins instead

Yes, you need three of those to receive the smallest scatter prize plus eight free spins. The scatter prizes are bigger for four or five of them, with 12 or 20 free spins provided as well. These play out in the usual way, but you can take advantage of wilds featuring multipliers of either 2x or 3x along the way. If you managed to spot a prize with three wilds of 3x involved, you'd see how they would work together too. These three 3x examples would produce a 27x multiplier instead.

Has Betsoft revealed the RTP value?

This means the return to player value, and yes, they have. They've confirmed it to be 95.28%, which is a little less than the preferred 96% reached in many of their other games. Something to be aware of.

Our rating goes high for this one

It reaches eight points out of 10, thanks to the wilds and the power of their multipliers in the free spin round. We love the graphics in this one too, especially where the leaves drop whenever the reels spin.

How much could you score if things go your way?

As with many other Betsoft slots, we discover the top prize on the loading screen. This is confirmed to be 3,310x your bet, but it does not say whether that might be per spin or per combination.

Demo play will introduce you to the wilderness in style

We think you'll soon understand the appeal of the Primal Wilderness if you take the demo version for a spin. It's certainly an impressive game to play.

Check your budget if you're thinking of playing the real game

The real thing is going to be pricier for sure, so you need to make sure you can play this before switching from the demo to the real version of Primal Wilderness.

Mobile access is available as well

Betsoft always provides its fresher games on all platforms, and that counts for this one as well.