Charms and Clovers Slots

Charms and Clovers surely is a charming title, and it suggests an idea that you've surely seen in many other games as well. Don't be deterred though if that isn't your favorite theme, as there is a lot to unpack in this game. If you are ready to see what's involved, you can check out the facts about the game here.

Which game studio is behind the Charms and Clovers slot game?

If we mention the name Betsoft Gaming, you may begin to understand why we are keen on revealing more about this slot game.

You can put the demo through its paces first if you wish

This reveals just how appealing the game is, and how much it packs into its reels and background.

There are clues to this theme in the title alone

Charms refers to lucky charms, while clovers are one of those anyway. A four-leaf one is rare to find and therefore thought of as being linked with great fortune. We can only hope, right? If you hadn't figured it out, we are heading into Irish good fortune territory once again with this slot game.

This might just be our favorite design from Betsoft Gaming

One of them, anyway, as it provides us with an impressive amount of detail, 3D graphics, and a friendly leprechaun. You didn't think you'd go through this slot game without meeting a leprechaun, did you?

Let's dive in and find out the basics for Charms and Clovers

There are five main reels here, but you'll also see a sixth one set slightly apart from that. The main five reels offer four symbols apiece. We'll explain how that sixth reel works in a bit.

The game doesn't have any progressive jackpots, but there is so much else involved that we doubt you'll miss this bit. There are no scatter icons to look out for, but you can search for the four-leaf clover landing as a wild symbol.

Plenty of potential to bet on some paylines

Charms and Clovers provides you with 40 of these to bet on.

Is this an expensive game to play with 40 lines in action?

They do provide you with a penny coin to start with, which means a 40-cent wager if you're playing a single coin per line. We say single because the game allows you to bet up to five coins per line if you wish. There are other coin values available as well, reaching a dollar each at most.

Paytable details for the Charms and Clovers slot game

There is so much involved in this game that the paytable makes the smart starting point for the demo or the real thing. Marvel at the game's appearance first, but head to the paytable afterward.

How many bonuses are there in this slot game?

Four, two of which involve free games, so we'll mention those shortly. The trigger for each of the bonus features is the same though - you need to get four identical bonus symbols featuring the name of the bonus round on that sixth reel. You'll then go through to play the round.

The first possibility is the Money Wheel bonus round. You can spin it to reveal your prize. This could be 4x the triggering total bet that accessed the wheel or the biggest Colossal Jackpot Prize.

The other bonus round is the Golden Bonus, which lets you follow the leprechaun to pick one of the available pots of gold on view. Which prize will be inside it?

Free spins come from the other two bonus rounds

Find the Mega Symbol icon four times on the sixth reel and you'll receive some free spins. As the name suggests, there are giant leprechauns appearing in these spins that measure 3 x 3 on the reels, improving your chances of some prizes as you play.

The other possibility is to trigger the Pots o' Gold free spins round. In this case, you'll find golden coin wilds landing on every spin, improving the odds of claiming more prizes as you go through the free games.

You've got a chance to play at a reasonable RTP in this game

We're glad to say that this game has a reasonable return to player value that climbs to 96.3%. Since we like to see a minimum of 96% for players to appreciate, this one gets over that minimum level.

Our rating is higher than you might think

There are few slots that we would give the top score of 10/10 to, but this is one of them. The graphics, the quality, the creativity, and the range of bonuses combine to make it a superb slot to play. Even though it is based on a popular theme, we think Betsoft has shown how it is still possible to make a success of it.

Charms and Clovers has some impressive prize potential too

There is a chance to pick up a maximum of 350,000 coins while playing this game. We guess that might apply to one session of play, but if we managed to hit that, we wouldn't mind stopping there - would you?

Demo gaming makes sense for Charms and Clovers

Getting the hang of that sixth reel doesn't take long, but it's better to see how it works before you do anything else. The demo is playable for a good stint too.

The 40-cent minimum bet opens the way to real play

Make sure you consider how many spins you'd get from your gaming budget before you load the real version of this slot game.

You can play the game on mobile too

Android and iOS fans will surely be delighted to hear that.