ChilliPop Slots

We've spotted chilies in a few online slots, and the title of this one - Chilli Pop - certainly suggests we might have a few more coming our way. They do feature in this game for sure, but is there anything else that might appear along the way? It's time to explore the possibilities in this slot game.

Who created the Chilli Pop slot game?

This is another fine slot you'll find in the Betsoft collection.

Do they give you the chance to try it first?

Yes, there is a demo game to check out, so if you load that, you can play with demo credits and see what you think of it.

Theme information for the Chilli Pop slot game

This is about chilies, as you might guess, but there is more involved as well. We are in Mexico, so you can look out for cacti and plenty of other neat touches to drive home that theme.

This game has an amusing design

We think you'll smile when you load this game. It features lots of fruit on the reels - think peppers and similar tasty items - and they've all got faces. It certainly makes for a more unusual appearance…

Here's what to expect from the Chilli Pop slot game

You've got a standard 5 x 3 game to check out this time. It doesn't have a progressive jackpot prize to chase, although there are plenty of prizes in the paytable.

The pinata is the wild symbol, and this can replace everything apart from the mule. You might guess that this works as a scatter symbol. Multiple wilds are better than just one because they'll add multipliers into play as well. The more you get the better.

Would you believe this game doesn't offer any paylines?

And it's not a 'ways to win' slot either. So, what's left? Unbelievably, Betsoft has found a way to make this a cluster pays game. These normally use a bigger grid, but that's not the case here.

Are you ready to bet on Chilli Pop?

Since you're looking for winning clusters rather than betting on paylines, you need one wager on each spin here. You can use coins ranging from a penny to a dollar, and you need to bet 50 coins per spin. This makes the minimum spin bet 50 cents.

The paytable is hiding behind the question mark

This is available on the control panel, and it is the best place to go once you've loaded the game, just so you can see how it all works. You'll get all the prize amounts in there too.

There is an explosive bonus feature

This doesn't happen on another screen though - rather, it explodes any winning clusters you receive on the reels. This leaves room for other symbols to drop in and fill the grid.

Free spins come from the scattered mule icons

You'll receive five free spins if you can find three mules, with more spins granted the more mules you get. The best trigger is to fill the reels with 15 of them. What's the collective noun for mules, we wonder? Anyway, 15 of them will earn you 26 free spins.

Whichever quantity you receive, you'll be able to collect any mules that appear during the free spins. Five of them will increase the grid size you're playing on. The largest you can reach is 8 x 8, but your collection of mules would need to hit 70 for that to happen. We guess you'd likely need to start with more than five spins to make that anywhere near a realistic probability. Since you can get wild prizes for varying quantities of wilds, this provides a chance to get as many as 64 wilds on screen if you got to that stage.

The RTP is not the highest we have seen from Betsoft

A few of their older games come in at around 95%, and this is one of those, bringing a score of 95.38%.

Our rating: Is the Chilli Pop slot a hot one to try?

You can always count on Betsoft to bring you a solid and entertaining slot to play. We think they have done enough here to earn a 9/10 score.

The best prizes will be inside the free spin round

You can see that by collecting enough scattered mules to make the game area reach its biggest size, there is a lot more potential to land some impressive prizes during those spins.

Play for entertainment and knowledge first

This is different to most other slots we've seen. That's why we believe the demo game works out as the best introduction to Chilli Pop slots.

Remember there is a 50-cent minimum to play for real

The game does have a higher minimum wager than some other slots, so bear that in mind if you're thinking about playing this version.

What about the mobile version of the game?

You do have one, and you'll get touchscreen controls if you decide to tackle the Chilli Pop slot on Android or iOS devices.