Red Hot Slots

What does Red Hot mean? The fiery flames behind the title of the slot suggest the answer, but we'll check out all the facts you might need before putting the reels to the test. There are some interesting elements available in this game, so it's surely an example of not assuming you know what to expect at first glance.

Who came up with this slot game idea?

This is one from the collection offered by Saucify.

You should find you can try the demo to check it out too

It's common enough to feel uncertain about a slot if you've never seen it before. Being able to find out how it works by playing a practice version is ideal, and you should find you can do that here too.

This game has a classic theme

It's far from small, for sure, but it does have several elements that are inspired by classic slot machines.

A flaming good design?

Forgive us that little joke as there are some feisty flames behind the reels of this one. We wouldn't want to touch anything there, that's for sure. There are other classic elements involved here too, especially with dollar signs, bar symbols, and bells on the reels.

How to play the Red Hot slot game

The five-reel format loads quickly enough, landing three symbols per reel. There are Mini, Major, and Mega jackpots too, but these appear in set amounts rather than being progressive. At least it means you know what to expect from them.

We have a wild in this game, and it is shown in gold as a star on a square background. The word 'wild' appears there too, so there is no doubt about its role. You should also watch for a mini slot machine icon, as this has another role to play.

How many paylines does Red Hot have?

There are 20 lines you can play in this game, and we think they're fixed. You can see how they're arranged thanks to the numbers on either side of the reels.

Look through the available bets before you play

This is another reason to check out the demo first, as you can do this via the controls inside the game. It'll make it easier to set your bet before you play the real thing.

They've used the info logo to take you into the paytable

As usual, there is a lot of information in there, so it's the ideal place to begin your exploration of this game.

Bonus features in the Red Hot slot

This might just be another reason why this is a hot game to play. There is a Coin Pick Bonus that triggers if you can find three gold coins on the reels. Just choose one of those and you'll see what you've won.

If that sounds good, we guess the Jackpot Pick Bonus sounds better still. There is a fiery jackpot symbol that you must find three times anywhere on the reels to go through to this round. We are unsure of the details, but we can tell you that one of those jackpots will trigger if you reach it.

Would you be surprised if we revealed there were some free spins too?

We did say this slot features way more than first glance might suggest. The fruit machine icon must appear three times to unlock 15 free games. There is a different paytable in this one, so you can check that out on the same screen as you go through your free games.

We do not have an RTP for this one

We might find it on our travels, and if so, we'll share it here.

Our rating: What did we make of the Red Hot game?

Is it as hot as all those flames seem to suggest? We believe so, thanks to the inclusion of two bonuses - one featuring those jackpots - and a set of free spins. They've certainly made the best of this one, doing enough to warrant a score of 8/10.

Watch for the jackpot game…

Few players will see those jackpot symbols land three times, as this means one of the jackpots will be won. But if we hear of this happening, we'll share the news here.

Take it for a demo spin to see what you make of it

It's a fine game and a surprise too, in many ways. We recommend you try it and see what you think when you do.

Will you progress to the real slot game?

It certainly is Red Hot, but you must decide whether it is hot enough for you.

See whether it crops up on mobile too

If you're visiting a mobile casino, you can check whether this game is in there.