Major Moolah Slots

There are several moolah-related slots to hunt down online today, and we're going to focus on one of them here. Major Moolah might ring a bell as it's one of the bigger ones in this category, but if you haven't tried it, you might well have a few questions before you do. Read on to learn some facts that might help.

Rival Gaming is home to this slot

They've come up with something to contribute to this narrow category where jackpots usually come into play, so we'll see later whether Rival has provided a strong entry here.

You can load the demo first if you wish

There should be a chance to try it at your selected casino, so look for this option - sometimes labeled as the practice game - to look at it more closely.

There are no surprises with this theme

Moolah is another word people use for money, albeit a more casual one. So, the major part of the title suggests there might well be a good prize in it as well.

The design helps to support this theme

Major Moolah delivers a one-screen appearance that features plenty of gold - both in color and in stars, coins, and potentially banknotes. The design matches the background and the reels nicely, dovetailing everything together.

It's time to get into the facts for Major Moolah

If you hadn't thought about it already, you'll be greeted by three reels in this game. We can confirm the progressive jackpot you might have thought was there, sitting above the reels. This can reach impressive levels, depending on the amount of time that's passed since the last person claimed it.

As for the icons in play in this game, they're on the basic side. You won't find any wilds or scatters in this three-reel game.

There are no paylines in this one

Well, there's just the one rather than several of them.

Don't expect any penny bets in this slot

They've put a single coin value in the game, worth a dollar, which means you can only choose how many you'd like to play on the line. You've got the option to play one, two, or three.

Check the paytable beside the reels

The most important thing to note about this is that there are three columns of prizes. These equate to the number of coins you're playing on the payline.

Bonus features do not feature in this game

Given its size, this isn't too much of a surprise.

Free spins aren't featured in this game either

Many three-reel basic slots don't venture into free spin territory, so it's reasonable to learn that you won't find any in this game.

RTP details for Major Moolah

Our information suggests that the percentage comes in at around 96%, which isn't bad, particularly as the game has the jackpot as well.

What did we make of the slot game?

Major Moolah joins many other memorable progressive slots, and it is one that clearly aims at people willing and able to bet larger amounts. With no special rounds to look forward to, it's a basic three-reel title, so we are giving this one 6.5 out of 10.

One fact to know about the progressive prize

The logo for the game features two capital Ms, and you must land this in all three positions on the payline. However, you must also play three coins on the line to trigger the jackpot, otherwise you'll just get a fixed prize depending on whether you placed one or two coins on the line when they landed.

Play for a better understanding of what's happening

It doesn't take long to figure this one out, other than to see whether it fits your budget to play. With a one-dollar minimum per spin, you might already know whether that's the case.

Play for real wherever you see the Rival brand name

You can certainly expect to spot this one at several sites, and if you've tried the practice game and you liked it, you can change over to play for real whenever you wish. You'll need a funded account to do this.

Check for a mobile version to play too

Mobile casinos are major news now, so you can bet you'll get the chance to play this one on a tablet or smartphone as well.